Imbed Biosciences is developing cutting-edge therapeutic solutions for today’s wound care challenges

In 2018, we introduced Microlyte® Matrix, a synthetic resorbable antimicrobial wound matrix–the first of its kind. The ultrathin form factor of Microlyte® Matrix enabled a revolutionary concept–that less antimicrobial silver could be just as effective or more effective than traditional high-dose wound therapies for chronic wounds.

In 2020, we extended the success of Microlyte® Matrix into the operating room and launched Microlyte® Surgical. Designed to kill the bacteria responsible for surgical site infection (SSI) and available in larger 2″x9″, 4″x9″, and 6″x6″ sizes, Microlyte® Surgical is looking to make a dent in the multi-billion dollar annual cost of SSI in the US.

Lead by the best scientists we can find, our R&D department is hard at work on the next generation of breakthrough products. These include products to manage biofilm in wounds, to reduce wound pain, and to serve as a temporizing agent in burn wounds.

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